Aghiath Chbib is a Technically-advanced, results-driven, established executive equipped with over 20 years of success. Trusted professional and renowned expert in cybersecurity, Blockchain, intelligence analytics, and digital forensics products; in-depth knowledge of system integrations and strong ability to deliver multi-million-dollar turnkey projects.  He is the founder of Seecra (www.seecra.com) a new financial empowerment platform and app and (www.cyber.seecra.com). Aghiath Chbib  have an Extensive experience spearheading operations within complex, technology-driven environments ensuring adherence to organizational strategies and best practices. Expert at building and directing high-performing, cross-functional teams with a focus on leadership, collaboration, and continuous growth. Business-minded visionary adept at leveraging technologies to achieve marketplace advantage and meet strategic goals and objectives. Dedicated to employing deep knowledge of industry-leading systems and processes while driving business impact, ROI, and performance, as well Aghiath is an Author in Intelligenthq, bizcatalyst360, Openbusinesscouncil, and Hedgethink.

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