The Role of AI in the Future of Cybersecurity

Many digital companies have embraced Artificial Intelligence technology as a way to optimize their resources to the limit. This buzzword has become mainstream thanks to Alexa, Siri or Cortana, human-like AIs capable of answering simple questions and place orders online, amidst other mundane tasks. They all are quite of a breakthroughs, as never before a software has been able to impersonate humans the way they do, although Artificial Intelligence goes far beyond these interactive tools.

Companies are starting to rely on AI-based algorithms for all kinds of different tasks:  from accounting to marketing strategies to storage and using customer’s data to deliver a highly customised user experience.  After experimenting with all this potential, they have turned their eyes into what AI can offer in terms of safety.

Cybersecurity is a trending sector boosted by the swift to the digital economy, where AI can be seen as a complete game changer.  Most companies still rely on humans to go over its security system to check that no trespassers have broken through. In the event that a breach is located, these engineers have to act themselves and solve it. That process might take hours and the losses for the company can be massive.

AI solutions in cybersecurity can do what that engineer did, in a matter of seconds. Today’s algorithms based on AI are able to react to external stimulus and adapt, a million times faster than a human would. In case of Machine Learning, AI based security softwares will be even able to re-write themselves to prevent that external stimulus to happen again, in case it was malign, to prevent its harm in the future.

An AI based cybersecurity will also rely on data. As such, an AI algorithm will keep records of all previous data attacks, in such a way that any suspicious activity can be easily recognised before it breaches  the company’s security.

It is expected that in the future , AI  will be widely applied to detect, identify, simplify and solve threats. AI also helps in categorising the cyber attacks according to the harm they can cause the company and use it in later potential attacks. AI, therefore, leverages any given system to automatically manage the threat and solve them by automated solutions.

In the near future we can expect to see even more sophisticated cybersecurity systems using AI.

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